Walk of Fame

Modesto USA is the home of American Graffiti, legendary car culture and music history.

The Modesto Historic Cruise Route celebrates the people, stories and places that inspired George Lucas to write and create the legendary film American Graffiti.

All along the Cruise Route, there are 25 information kiosks that educate and illuminate the important people and places that shaped Modesto and our history. Many of these people where legendary and beyond reality and some of them were the foundations of our cruising, car and music culture. Over the years, there are people that were formative about who we are and what Modesto came to be. Some people became compilation characters in Lucas’ film that forever set the stage for Modesto USA to be everyone’s Class of 62.

The Modesto Cruise Route Walk of Fame celebrates the people that made it all happen. They are the cruisers, the racers, the musicians, the students, the DJs and the dreamers that make Modesto USA great.

Enjoy the Walk of Fame and know that you are walking on the legendary Historic Cruise Route of 10th and 11th Streets in Modesto that inspired a film that brought the nostalgia of the 50’s and 60’s to the world.

The Modesto Historic Cruise Route Walk of Fame is located in 10th Street Plaza, located at 1010 10th St. The Historic Cruise Route Tour starts and finishes at this location as well.

Enjoy cruising Modesto’s history and celebrating our “Legends of the Cruise”

Legends of the Cruise: Year Inducted





George Lucas
Candy Clark
Bo Hopkins
Paul LeMat
Gene Winfield
Leroy Applequist
Bart Bartoni
Chuck Billington
Pete Hischier
Terry McGrath
The Century Toppers
Wendell Reed
Dennis Wilson
Benny Furtado
Gerry Ramirez
Charlie Reynolds
Don Monaco
Judy Felix Walk
Frank Burnett
Dwight Trammell
Glen Wild

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